Project Plan B are leaders in garment manufacture and its recycled use. We leverage our position and knowledge to create change and provide an alternative solution for the textile industry.

Closed Loop Design and Manufacture Package

We offer a design to delivery full manufacturing service, with end of life recycling.

Garments are carefully designed to be recycled and tailored specifically to each client’s needs using our technologically advanced recycled fabrics.

The designs are then made by our long standing manufacturing partners, which are independently audited and regularly visited by the Project Plan B team. Garments are then delivered to clients and distributed to the wearers.

When the garment eventually comes to the end of its wearable life, it is returned to the provider and sent back to Project Plan B for recycling.

Garments are identified by the infinitee mark and QR code, then turned back into raw polyester using our recycling facility.

The polyester can be knitted or woven into fabrics ready to be made into new garments and other high value products. Nothing is wasted and 100% of the garment is returned to be used again and again.

Join our closed loop system to enable your business to play a part in positive change for the environment, help revolutionise the textile industry and reduce your carbon footprint as part of corporate social responsibility.

Advice and Support

We partner with the Circular Textiles Foundation, a not for profit body who guide you through how to design for circularity, and certify products that have been designed to be recycled through specific recycling technologies.

The Circular Textiles Foundation run workshops at your workplace to get your whole team on board, discussing your current offerings and offering bespoke advice and support tailored to your business. Ongoing support on email and phone is customized to your requirements.

Quarterly webinars feature circular solutions and knowledge sharing from the foundation, their partners and affiliates.


We can recycle your old garments and work with you to create a next generation range of circular, recyclable garments as a way helping your business reduce its carbon footprint and enhance corporate social responsibility.

Get in touch to find out how we can transform your waste into a brand new circular model.