PLYMOUTH based company Project Plan B have long been advocating the importance of designing garments to be recycled.

They are now increasing their reach and commitment by signing up to Wrap’s Textiles 2030 initiative to share their expert knowledge and enhance circularity across the industry. Speaking at the upcoming Wrap launch on 26th April 2021, Project Plan B CEO Tim Cross explains:

‘I am absolutely delighted to be contributing towards Wrap’s initiative to accelerate positive change for the fashion and textile industry in the UK. Systemic change is achievable now. We need to work together to spread the awareness and encourage conversion to a circular way of thinking for the sake of the environment’

Project Plan B have spent the last 3 years researching and developing their circular textiles solution for polyester which is available now, promising to herald the beginning of a new recycled textile economy.

Textiles 2030: UK Sustainable Textiles Action Plan, the most ambitious ten-year programme for clothing and textiles in the world, is delighted to have Project Plan B onboard. Over the next decade, the voluntary agreement will slash the environmental impact of UK clothing and home textiles through practical interventions along the entire textiles value chain. We are thrilled to have Project Plan B’s commitment to Textiles 2030 and the knowledge and expertise that they will bring to the agreement in the development of circular textile solutions. We look forward to seeing them contribute and collaborate to the achieve the key milestones and activities necessary to introduce circular use of textile products and materials at scale to achieve the carbon & water reduction targets. By committing to Textiles 2030, Project Plan B will help to transform the UK’s make-use-dispose fashion culture into one where products are made sustainably, used longer and then re-used or recycled.” Catherine Salvage, Wrap.