Project Plan B

Shortlisted for the Drapers sustainability award for Best Carbon Footprint Initiative, Project Plan B have developed a ground-breaking solution which has the potential to change how we design and make clothing in the UK.

They use recycled yarns to create long lasting garments, which are recycled at end of use at their own unique facility.  Once processed, the raw materials are used to create recycled yarns once more…… creating a perfect circle.

The result of 3 years of research and development, their unique mono fibre solution enables polyester to be recaptured from garments at end of use, securing the rPET for reuse without loss of quality. Aware of the dramatic reduction in carbon emissions and use of virgin fabrics that their solution creates, Repreve have already partnered with them to make yarns from the recycled fabric. 

Having demonstrated a successful transition from linear to circular, Project Plan B’s mission is to promote sustainability and circularity within the textile industry. With over 50% of all UK textiles using polyester, their flexible license agreement system creates opportunities for increasing numbers of businesses to manufacture within a sustainable framework.

‘We are delighted to be shortlisted for Best Carbon Footprint Initiative.  There so many great brands shortlisted, we are proud to be alongside them and look forward to sharing our solution with them all.’ -Tim Cross, Managing Director.

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About Project Plan B

Project Plan B is a commitment to tackling global environmental challenges faced by the textile industry. They believe that by redesigning the way they do things right from the beginning, they can significantly reduce their impact while delivering excellent, high quality performance clothing.

By adapting from a linear to circular manufacturing system, they can eradicate the need for virgin polyester to be used or disposed of in their designed to be recycled closed loop system. Every fabric, trim, accessory, thread and label are carefully selected to ensure a high standard of recycled material suitable for reuse. This keeps the level of purity high so that value is kept within the cycle. Each garment is made from recycled polyester, and at the end of wearable life every Project Plan B garment will be turned back into raw polyester before being spun into the fabric of new garments; closing the loop to create a circular polyester cycle.

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