Project Plan B are working with EDF’s Hinkley Point to supply all workers with recyclable face coverings.

EDF’s Hinkley Point C operations team recognised that with 4-5000 people on site requiring masks, using disposable PPE would create a significant amount of waste.

Seeking out a sustainable alternative, they found that only Project Plan B offered a fully circular face covering that met the standards and effectiveness they were looking for.

Made from recycled materials, the Project Plan B HeiQ Viroblock snoods and masks come in twin packs to allow for one to be washed while the other is worn. Lasting for up to 30 washes, each pack will last 60 days, at which point the used coverings are collected up and returned to Project Plan B to be recycled back into rPET ready for use again.

Following an initial trial of both the snood and mask, significant volumes of snood twin packs have been purchased to issue to onsite contractors. The initial batch of product is plain blue to match the Hinkley Point C branding, carrying the Project Plan B logo which identifies the coverings as recyclable. Future orders of both the mask and snood will carry the Hinkley Point C branding and highlight the message one million hours of no incidents.

This is a fantastic example of a forward thinking company leading the way in the transition to a circular economy, and highlights EDF’s dedication to the development of renewable energy and resources whilst supporting their workers’ safety.