Polyester Recycling

A closed loop, sustainable solution

The Process

Our recycling system works through a heat extrusion process, reducing polyester textiles into rPET pellets. These pellets can then be turned into fibre to be spun back into polyester textiles, or used for injection moulding.

The recycling process is conveyor led, with shredding and extrusion of polyester fabrics to prepare them.

Fabrics are then filtered and pelletised before finally being spun to yarn, ready for re-use.

  • Inbuilt shredder.
  • Heat and pressure.
  • Filtration
  • Pelletiser
  • 2500 Tonnes – 10,000 Tonnes
  • Arriving in the UK in September

Project Plan B have partnered with The Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) to facilitate the operational recycling of 100% polyester textiles at their 55,000 Sq ft processing center in the UK

A Closer Look

Conveyor fed process

Shredding of textiles

Extrusion of shredded textiles

Filtering process


Spun to yarn

What can we recycle?






Hospitality textiles


Uniforms and workwear


Soft furnishings

Polyester recycling in the news

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Recycling Facts

The UK are the fourth largest textile waste producer in Europe with 1.75 million tonnes of textile and clothing waste created each year

- publications.parliament.uk

An estimated £140m worth of clothing is
sent to UK landfill each year

- wrap.org.uk

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