Project Plan B

​Europe’s first textile to textile polyester recycler


Project Plan B offer polyester textile recycling as the environmental solution to incineration or landfill.


Specialising in industrial, pre consumer and post consumer clothing and textile waste.


Operational in the UK September 2023 with a capacity of 3000 tonnes per annum.

Partners in recycing

Project Plan B have partnered with The Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) to facilitate the operational recycling of 100% polyester textiles at their 55,000 Sq ft processing centre in the UK

How it works

Our recycling system works through a heat extrusion process, reducing polyester textiles into rPET pellets. These pellets can then be turned into fibre to be spun back into polyester textiles, or used for injection moulding.
- Tim Cross

Managing Director

Why recycle with Plan B?

Reduce your carbon footprint

Stop waste being unnecessarily sent to landfill and incineration

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Join the circular economy

Transform your operation into a circular business model

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Improve your product LCA

Understand and reduce your product Life Cycle Assessment

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